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Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Mobile is now available on Android and iOS. It’s working on all portable devices!

Mount & Blade II Bannerlord mobile

Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Mobile game is a stand-alone expansion to the 2008 strategy action role-playing video game Mount & Blade. The MOBILE game was developed by TaleWorlds Entertainment and published by Prime Matter.

While most games start out with minor scuffles against bandits, this one has many more nuances. In particular, the combat system is very realistic, with real consequences for the outcome of the battle.

By customizing your character, you can make the game as realistic as possible. In addition to changing your character, you can also make it look like any movie character you want.

Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Mobile Game Description

Name Of The App: Mount & Blade II Bannerlord APK + IOS

Latest Version Of The Game: 1.6.0

Size Of The File: 169 MB

Cost Of The Game: 100% Free Of Cost

Operation System: IOS 10 and above, Android 5.0 and above

Features: IOS and Android game

The Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Apk game is set in late antiquity, where the Roman Empire has fragmented and a number of mercenary bands and warring societies have sprung up.

Another notable aspect of Bannerlord is its tactical gameplay. You’ll want to plan ahead in order to win a battle.

The Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Apk has a rich library of mods. This means that you can turn your character into almost anything, from a king to a successful businessman.

A game with a well-structured difficulty progression will provide more enjoyment to its players.

There are four attack angles, parrying and blocking, and multiple types of weapons.

How To Play It?

For instance, if you’re looking for a way to make extra money in Mount & Blade II Bannerlord game, you can offer your services to other factions. This will enable you to gain experience and the trust of allies.

Gaming Modes

  • Weapon weight and swing length also play into the equation.
  • While it is a prequel to Mount & Blade: Warband, Bannerlord is a separate game all its own. The game is an RPG-style strategy experience with an emphasis on character and combat.
  • Former enemies and allies are seeking their own kingdom. This makes the gameplay in Bannerlord extremely varied, and the resulting diversity of scenarios is both exciting and challenging.

World Game Mode

There’s no one right way to use this banner, but you can use it in a strategic way.

What Is Mount & Blade II Bannerlord APK?

Each attack also has its own velocity compared to its target, which means that every attack will add or subtract damage to players from Mount & Blade II Bannerlord APK.

Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Game Features

Unstructured difficulty progression could lead to early frustration or game abandonment.

Open Map Of The Game

A game developer of Mount & Blade II Bannerlord game should also consider difficulty progression.

Story Of The Game

The combat in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is realistic, and the gameplay is challenging. While the game has a few minor bugs and a few minor issues, it’s a solid game for those who enjoy playing medieval RPGs.

Bannerlord is an extremely immersive experience. Bannerlord’s combat is very dynamic and can be confusing to some players at first.

Best Mode Of The Game

Once you’ve earned enough trust, you can pledge yourself as a vassal to a faction, giving you greater power and influence. The extra money can also be used to buy new equipment.

How To Have Fun Playing Mount & Blade II Bannerlord!

Bannerlord is better at introducing new players to the game than Warband did, but it doesn’t go overboard with the learning curve. While the first game only provided a brief sword practice, Bannerlord’s tutorial is anchored within a mini-quest that helps your character establish his or her own clan.

It’s also necessary to consider the length and type of content.

Unlike the first MOUNT & BLADE II BANNERLORD game takes place in a medieval period. The emperor’s death has left the empire in ruins, and three factions have arisen, each seeking to establish their rule.

There are a variety of fighting game-like weapons and armor to use.

Is Mount & Blade II Bannerlord APK Safe To Play?

For example, taking a castle can alter the course of a war, while heavy losses can leave you exposed on a different front. Another major feature of Mount & Blade II Bannerlord APK on your Android is the customization options.

Bannerlord offers plenty of features, including customizable character skins, different game modes, and different gameplay styles. Even if the game has some issues with graphics, it remains a solid title that is well worth checking out.

This way, you get to learn important things along the way. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord also offers a lot of side activities.


Understanding the elements that influence difficulty is essential to making a game that people will want to download and install the game and later to play and enjoy.

The main story involves the discovery of an ancient banner, which must be used in battle to install the Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Mobile game.


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Q. What device do you play Mount & Blade II Bannerlord on?

A. You can play Mount & Blade II Bannerlord on both Mount & Blade II Bannerlord android and Mount & Blade II Bannerlord iOS devices like PC, Mobile, Pad, etc.

Q. Can I play Mount & Blade II Bannerlord APK with strangers?

A. Of course, you can play Mount & Blade II Bannerlord APK with strangers. But since the game level requires cooperation, you need to continuously communicate with other players.

Q. Can it be downloaded for free?

A. Yes! Players do not have to pay to download and play this game.

Q. Is it safe to use?

A. Yes! Of course, it is safe to use!

Q. What about advertisements?

A. There are no ads found while playing on this version of the game.

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How to Download Mount & Blade II Bannerlord For Android iOS & APK:
1. Start downloading the game files from
2. Complete a Quick Verification process by following additional steps. 
3. Install it on your device (Android/iOS)
4. Launch the game and play!

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