Jurassic World Evolution 2 Mobile – Download & Play for Android APK & iOS

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Mobile is now available on Android and iOS. Read this tutorial and start playing this game!

Jurassic World Evolution 2 mobile

It was released in the United States in October 2011. The game is based on the successful Jurassic World franchise and is designed to be a fun MOBILE game for the whole family to play.

The gameplay of Jurassic World Evolution 2 Mobile game is much larger than the original Jurassic World game.

The Elasmosaurus, with its horns and spikes, is a misshaped creature. Jurassic World Evolution 2 also includes a new mode called Chaos Theory.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Mobile Game Description

Name Of The App: Jurassic World Evolution 2 APK + IOS

Latest Version Of The Game: 1.1

Size Of The File: 110 MB

Cost Of The Game: 100% Free Of Cost

Operation System: IOS 10 and above, Android 5.0 and above

Features: IOS and Android game

The new features of Jurassic World Evolution 2 Apk game are truly astounding.

The re-imagined dinosaurs have more realistic appearances. However, some new species of dinosaurs are oversized.

The game’s “what if” scenarios include building Jurassic World Evolution 2 Apk in San Diego and maintaining Jurassic World without incident in 2015.

Although the first game is not particularly memorable, this sequel has a great deal of content to keep players busy.

Another game that features a similar gameplay loop to Jurassic World is Jurassic World Evolution 2.

How To Complete The Game?

The Jurassic World Evolution 2 game also features the Biosyn Sanctuary, a massive woodland valley that rivals Arizona in size.

Starting Modes

  • The game’s storyline revolves around Claire’s Sanctuary, a new facility that focuses on raising dinosaurs from a live volcano. It also features a new campaign that focuses on curing ill dinosaurs.
  • It also looks more like a definitive edition.
  • The game is also a great celebration of the Jurassic Park franchise.

Epic Game Mode

Players can drive around the park’s enclosures in first-person view.

What Is Jurassic World Evolution 2 APK?

In the end, Jurassic World Evolution 2 APK is a good game for fans of the Jurassic world.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Game Features

It places players in different game scenarios from the World/Jurassic Park series and allows them to change history.

Main Characters Of The Game

Despite this, the Jurassic World Evolution 2 game is still quite fun to play.

History Of The Game

This allows players to change the game colour of dinosaurs, and they can customize their own dinosaurs’ DNA to unlock traits they didn’t have before.

In addition, they can create dinosaur farms, hospitals, and research facilities.

In addition, the dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution 2 are superb and provide a variety of exciting interactions.

Popular Mode Of The Game

A hundred-person development team worked on the game, and it had a PS8 million budget. The team also studied models from the original Jurassic Park film and read novels to learn more about the dinosaurs.

How To Have Fun Playing Jurassic World Evolution 2!

This game’s gameplay loop is quite engaging and keeps players entertained for a long time.

The game also features new dinosaurs like the Nasutoceratops, Euoplocephalus, and Ouranosaurus. There are new characters in Jurassic World Evolution 2.

JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION 2 game is a management and construction simulation video game. It was developed and published by Frontier Developments.

Despite being huge, the forest and water sources can make it difficult to see the ground, or the dinosaurs themselves.

Is Jurassic World Evolution 2 APK Safe To Play?

The “what if” scenarios add a new challenge to the game and allow players to revisit major turning points in the franchise.

They even consulted with paleontologist Jack Horner to create dinosaur models. The game also features the voice talents of Jeff Goldblum, Bryce Dallas Howard, and BD Wong.

Another new feature in Jurassic World Evolution 2 APK on your Android is bioengineering.


For example, the Mosasaurus and the Ankylosaurid have different sized bodies and the crocodile-like armor is given claws on its flippers and you can use them after downloading and installing the game. Plesiosaurus has a cobra-like scaly headnote.

There are more than 75 prehistoric species to install the Jurassic World Evolution 2 Mobile game and choose from, and each species feels distinct from another.


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Q. What device do you play Jurassic World Evolution 2 on?

A. You can play Jurassic World Evolution 2 on both Jurassic World Evolution 2 android and Jurassic World Evolution 2 iOS devices like PC, Mobile, Pad, etc.

Q. Can I play Jurassic World Evolution 2 APK with strangers?

A. Of course, you can play Jurassic World Evolution 2 APK with strangers. But since the game level requires cooperation, you need to continuously communicate with other players.

Q. Can it be downloaded for free?

A. Yes! Players do not have to pay to download and play this game.

Q. Is it safe to use?

A. Yes! Of course, it is safe to use!

Q. What about advertisements?

A. There are no ads found while playing on this version of the game.

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How to Download Jurassic World Evolution 2 For Android iOS & APK:
1. Start downloading the game files from Tinymobgames.com
2. Complete a Quick Verification process by following additional steps. 
3. Install it on your device (Android/iOS)
4. Launch the game and play!

Download Jurassic World Evolution 2 Mobile

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