About Us

Our website is dedicated to games and apps that are running on Android, iOS and PC devices. You can find almost any game that is available right now and also some exclusives from our team. There are a lot of games out there, but not all of them are cross platform. People love to play their favorite games on their personal devices.

Nowadays developers make their apps for limited amount of platforms and gamers need to buy more and more different consoles. It’s not a good approach and definitely not cheap. With our technology we can transfer already made games to other platforms using emulators and APK-s. It’s a new and very cool technology. The system is stable and works without revokes in case there is an update coming to your game library.

To download the needed mod just read the article and follow the steps shown at the end of it. They are very simple, you just need to choose your device and start the process. Sometimes you need to complete a verification if our servers are overloaded.